Get as far as you can in escaping Tug, the endless prison! Use your rope to dodge guards, gates, and traps & help fellow inmates in escaping.


  • 'A' / Left Arrow : Move Left
  • 'D' / Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Mouse Rotate: Aim
  • Mouse Click: Throw rope

Fellow Inmates:

  • Other inmates can be found as you escape. Throw your rope at them to bring them along on your escape attempt! Each inmate grants you one extra life. 


Hitting an obstacle will reduce your life by one. When you are all out of lives, it's game over!

  • Guards: Guards have varying movement behaviors. Attack them with your rope to defeat them.
  • Gates: Gates are large, stationary obstacles. Some have levers that can be hit to lower the gate.
  • Traps: Small and stationary obstacles that are indestructible - steer clear of them!


Tug Release PC 34 MB

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